Our Vision is to offer the best products and services to our customers

Always provide the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price

Our commitment to offer nothing but the very best is reflected in our vision & mission statements 

Our customers are a hugely important aspect of what we do and we hold all customers in very high esteem

We now strive to take our organisation to the next level so that we can offer our customers excellent service and continue to keep them fully satisfied.

We offer free telephone support 24 hours a day providing unrivalled knowledge with over 20 years experience

We offer a service agreement to maintain the efficiency of the systems we sell

All serviceable parts are free of charge under this agreement

Free emergency breakdown cover for 12 months

Service calls with excellent technical support are also provided for customers who wish to service the system independently


Why choose the Bio-Pure?


    An affordable product with low running costs


·        25 years warranty on GRP and 2 year warranty on air pumps      


·        Can be adapted to meet individual need


·        Visually unobtrusive lid with a quiet air pump housed underneath


·        The tank is odourless as solids are treated as well as liquids


·        Typical 3-5 years emptying period


·        No requirement for concrete means easy installation and low costs


·        No moving parts so the unit will not fail 

·   96 % efficiency 

·  Unrivalled technical support 24 hours a day

·  Low maintenance, 1 hourly service per year

·  Service contracts with a variety of benefits



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