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Treatment System vs Septic Tank 

The Bio-Pure sewage treatment systems can be discharge directly to a watercourse or groundwater. When you consider whole life costs they are lower priced, smaller and cheaper to install with less pollution.  

Your local authority and/or the Environment Agency can 
refuse septic tanks and may specify a package treatment plant in many areas of the UK, it is essential to check what is acceptable, We Build It Ltd can advise you every step of the way.

The traditional septic tank may seem very cheap initially, however you will require a soakaway to discharge because the final effluent is not clean enough to discharge into a watercourse or ditch etc. A soakaway for a septic tank can be problematic because a sufficiently large area of land is required, and not all areas are suitable for a soakaway.

The life expectancy of a soakaway from a septic tank is roughly 10 years compared to 25 years from a packaged sewage treatment plant. Soakaways are prone to blocking from a septic tank due to unclean effluent.

Bio-Pure may therefore be a better solution for your wastewater treatment and possibly cheaper than installing a septic tank.

Discharges from septic tanks to a watercourse are not allowed under the general binding rule. If you have a septic tank that discharges driectly into a watercouse you will need to replace or upgrade this by 1st January 2020 or when you sell your property if before this date. If the Envrionment agency find evidence that the watercouse is being polluted, you will need to replace the tank earlier than January 2020. Typically you will be given a year to sort however this is agreed upon on a case by case basis. 


Septic tank Conversion

If you have an existing septic tank We Build It can supply you with a Septic Tank Conversion Unit which can be put in line with the septic tank to further treat the sewage before discharging into a water course, ditch or soakaway.

We would only recommend this where it is uneconomical or difficult to remove the existing septic tank, this process would still give results better than the normal discharge consent levels.

 The unit offers a discreet solution to on-site secondary treatment from a septic tank or under performing treatment plant, by using extended aeration and plastic media technology.





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