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Bio-Pure Range

The Bio-Pure sewage treatment plant is available in 10 sizes to cater for up to 50 persons.  The Bio-Pure 1-7 are single units and the Bio-Pure 8-10 are twin units. We can provide the Bio-Pure 7 as a single system if required. 

We also design a bespoke Bio-Pure range which can cater for up to 60 persons. This is ideal for the larger dwelling or industrial site. Specifications for this are unavailable as the design will vary from customer to customer depending on their individual needs.

There are several options available within the Bio-Pure range. The Bio-Pure, The Bio-Pure E Range and the Bio-Pure Pumped.


The standard Bio-Pure Sewage Treatment Plant with a normal air pump(s).

Bio-Pure E Range

The Bio-Pure Sewage Treatment Plant with an economical air pump(s). This provides the same power as a normal air pump but uses less electricity, making it more eco friendly. 

Bio-Pure V Range

The Bio-Pure  V range Sewage Treatment Plant is an economical choice supplied with a flat surface mounted lid with air pump housed separately in an outbuilding or in an optional kiosk. 

Bio-Pure Pumped

We manufacture the Bio-Pure to contain an integral pump. This will be used when your discharge point is at a higher level than the outlet from the Bio-Pure.

 The Bio-Pure Septic Tank Conversion System.

The Bio-Pure Septic Tank Conversion system is designed to serve both domestic and commercial properties that have no access to mains drainage.

We would recommend this where it is uneconomical or difficult to remove the existing septic tank, this process would still give results better than the normal discharge consent levels.

 The unit offers a discreet solution to on-site secondary treatment from a septic tank or under performing treatment plant, by using extended aeration and plastic media technology.

Low Profile Septic Tank with a Filtered Outlet 

If a septic tank is required the Bio-Pure septic tank is designed to reduce installation costs and improve effluent quality in comparison to a traditional onion shaped septic tank. The effluent quality is significantly improved due to the greater surface area contact, therefore increasing oxidisation. The Bio-Pure septic tank has a filtered outlet which prevents large suspended solids from being dispersed into the soakaway. Installation costs are reduced as the Bio-Pure septic tank doesn't require the same depth as a traditional onion shaped tank.



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